Quick Answer: Do Employee Wellness Programs Work?

Are wellness programs worth it?

If your goal is to cut healthcare costs, a wellness program probably isn’t worth the investment for what you’ll receive back.

But if you want to lower healthcare costs and improve employee health, a wellness program is probably a solid investment.

If you’re not sure what your goal should be, survey your employees..

How do you promote wellness in the workplace?

How to Promote Workplace WellnessEncourage connection. … Encourage preparedness. … Encourage rest. … Encourage meditation. … Encourage exercise. … Encourage giving back. … Encourage breaks.Encourage pets.More items…•

What benefits will you get if you maintain a balanced life and follow a wellness program?

Key benefits of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Improves your mood – It’s not just exercise that can lead to improvement of your mood. Healthy habits such as social connections can too by keeping the mind active.

How do you sell a corporate wellness program?

Try these few helpful tips below to “sell” wellness to your executives and get your wellness program started.Show Impact. … Demonstrate Interest. … Address Roadblocks. … Make It Personal.

Why do wellness programs fail?

Corporate health and wellness programs are more popular than ever. We say they fail when they fall short of accomplishing their goals and objectives. … Most corporate health and wellness programs are started because employers want to help employees stay healthy and they would like to spend less on health care.

How do wellness programs increase productivity?

“Wellness programs, including financial wellness programs, help increase productivity by reducing absenteeism, presenteeism, and by retaining employees,” she explains.

How do you engage employees in a wellness program?

Ways to Engage Employees in Elements of a Comprehensive Worksite Wellness ProgramCreating a wellness committee.Developing an employee needs and interest survey.Using interviews and focus groups.Completing an employee needs and interests survey.Securing leadership support.Developing a strategic communications plan.More items…

How do you spend your wellness dollars?

How to Maximize Your Wellness DollarsUse wellness dollars to expand and incentivize your programs. You may be able to use wellness dollars to further expand your employee reward offerings and add incentives. … Consider upgrades to your fleet of wearables. … Use wellness dollars to test new programs.

What companies have wellness programs?

7 companies with epic wellness programsAccenture. Accenture cares about both the minds and bodies of its employees. … Google. … Intuit. … Microsoft. … SAS.

What percentage of employees participate in wellness programs?

Employers with a multinational workforce are working to develop a consistent benefits program for their employees around the globe. Fifty-six percent of employers offer well-being programs to their global employees, up from 44 percent in 2018.

How many employers offer wellness programs?

In our survey, 69 percent of employers with more than 50 employees offered a wellness program, and 75 percent of programs included incentives to encourage participation.

How do wellness programs benefit employees?

Wellness programs inspire important behavior changes According to the report, research shows that the benefits of employee wellness programs include improvements in physical activity; higher fruit and vegetable consumption; lower fat intake; and a reduction in body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

What should a wellness program include?

Step 6: Design Wellness Program ComponentsStress reduction programs.Weight loss programs.Smoking cessation programs.Health risk assessments.Health screenings.Exercise programs and activities.Nutrition education.Vaccination clinics.

Do wellness programs save employers money?

A report by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans determined that most North American employers saved $1 to $3 in their overall health care costs for every dollar spent on an employee wellness program.

What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?

Their research shows that the ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs is impressive, sometimes as high as six to one. To achieve those kinds of results, employers cannot merely offer workers a few passes to a fitness center and nutrition information in the cafeteria.

How much are wellness programs?

Wellness programs typically cost between $3 and $7.5 per employee each month (or approximately $36 to $90 per year). Much of that costs comes from the modern benefits of a work-sponsored program. In 2019 a wellness program will often include mobile apps and a website that offers health risk appraisal.

How do you create a wellness plan?

Tips To Create Your Personal Wellness PlanAssess Your Current Physical Wellness.Find Out What Exercise Is Right For You.Determine What Nutrition You’re Getting and What You Need.Get the Right Amount of Sleep.Adjust Your Personal Wellness Plan.

Are Healthy employees more productive?

The greatest productivity change was in sick workers whose health noticeably improved from one annual screening to the next, who saw a 10.8% change in their output. But even workers who were healthy at the outset of the study were able to get more done during the workday after participating in the program.