Quick Answer: Does Jack Daniels Go With Ginger Ale?

Is Jack Daniels and lemonade good?

Jack Daniel’s doesn’t tell us where the lemonade comes from, but it’s a winner.

It’s wonderfully refreshing, and any tartness is balanced by the inclusion of a little triple sec… and of course a healthy slug of whiskey.

The whiskey isn’t predominant, which is why non-whiskey drinkers should give it a try..

Is Sprite good with whiskey?

Whiskey + Sprite While a Seven and Seven (Seagram’s 7 whiskey and 7 Up) is a widely known cocktail, a Whiskey Sprite is a somewhat less common order. But the duo works beautifully together, especially if you opt for a lighter Irish whiskey or younger bourbon.

What is the best way to drink whiskey?

The simplest way to enjoy your whisky is neat, cleansing your palate with cool water between sips. Many people also add a few drops of water to their whisky, which can open up the flavours as the liquids combine. Experimentation is key, but remember the old adage: “you can add, but you can’t take away”.

What whiskey is good with ginger ale?

For a Classic Whiskey Ginger: Jameson ($26) The slightly sweet, almost peachy Irish whiskey is a perfect match for light, sugary ginger ale.

What does Jack Daniels go good with?

Jack Daniels MixersA splash of water or soda water.Lemon-lime soda.Cola.Ginger ale.Coffee.Apple cider (hot or chilled)Cranberry juice.Sour mix (and water)More items…

Which ginger ale is better?

The sugar gave the ginger ale a slightly different flavor since so many soft drinks are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. In the end, Blue Sky won because it really gave us the best of all ginger ale worlds—fizzy, sweet but still with a satisfying bite.

Is Jack Daniels and Sprite good?

Pour the 1 shot of Jack Daniels into glass followed by Sprite to taste and then 1 slice of lemon. Then stir the beverage and enjoy. Note this is a light drink, a good one to start the evening off.

What is a good mix with Jack Daniels Honey?

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey CocktailsHoney Whiskey Sour.Honey Smash.Jack Honey Sweetened Blackberry Tea.Wildflower Honey Punch.Honey Limeade.Honey Sangria.

What is the best mixer for whiskey?

6 of the Best Whiskey MixersGinger. Ginger is the perfect sidekick for whiskey, as its complexity of flavor ranges from sweet to hot, medicinal and earthy, depending on its context and concentration. … Sweet Vermouth. … Soda Water. … Coca Cola. … Lemon. … Amaro.

Does Jack Daniels mix with cranberry juice?

Combining the whiskey with cranberry juice and other sweet mixers lightens up Jack Daniel’s characteristic assertive flavor. Even with other ingredients, mixed drinks containing Jack Daniel’s carry a strong punch; enjoy them in moderation.

What soda goes with whiskey?

What Soda to Mix with Whiskey Coca-Cola. Lemonade. Lemon-Lime Soda. Ginger Ale. Appletiser. Mountain Dew. Club Soda. Dr. Pepper.More items…•