What Causes Air To Move Answers?

What are the things that need air?

Five things which need air are: Plants need air ( CO2) to respire.

Animals need air (O2) to respire.

Plants need air for pollination ( wind pollination) We need air to fly the kites.Aeroplane and other airways need air..

What causes the movement of air worldwide?

What causes the movement of air worldwide? The difference in pressure in the atmosphere. … When warm air rises away from the Earth’s surface.

What are the factors influencing movement of air?

Temperature: the air moves from an area with high temperature to an area with low temperature. … Pressure: movement of air takes place from an area with high pressure to an area with low pressure. … Coriolis movement: This is the movement of air caused by the rotation of and movement of earth.

Is air always moving?

Air is constantly moving around the earth. … In areas of high-pressure (sinking air), air at ground level spreads out, moving away from the high pressure. In an area where there is low-pressure (rising air), air at ground level comes in to the center of low pressure, to replace the air that is rising.

What is main cause of wind movement?

Wind is the movement of air caused by the uneven heating of the Earth by the sun. … Differences in atmospheric pressure generate winds. At the Equator, the sun warms the water and land more than it does the rest of the globe. Warm equatorial air rises higher into the atmosphere and migrates toward the poles.

How does air move depending on its pressure?

Air Pressure and Winds Warm air rises, creating a low pressure zone; cool air sinks, creating a high pressure zone. Air that moves horizontally between high and low pressure zones makes wind. The greater the pressure difference between the pressure zones the faster the wind moves.

What factor most directly affects the movement of air?

The movement of air through Earth’s — or any planet’s — atmosphere is called wind, and the main cause of Earth’s winds is uneven heating by the sun. This uneven heating causes changes of atmospheric pressure, and winds blow from regions with high pressure to those with low pressure.

Does air move like water?

While air can be compressed more easily than water, freely flowing air acts much like water—at least at relatively low speeds. … The air speeds up, and as it speeds up, its pressure—the force of the air pressing against the side of the object—goes down.

What are the two main reasons air pressure changes?

Although the changes are usually too slow to observe directly, air pressure is almost always changing. This change in pressure is caused by changes in air density, and air density is related to temperature.

What drives the movement of air and water in the Earth system?

Wind can carry materials thousands of kilometers over oceans and large areas of land. … When warm air moves over an area where the land or water is cooler, energy is transferred from the warmer air to the cooler water or land. This transfer of energy by wind is an important factor in Earth’s weather.

What causes large amounts of air to move?

Movement of air caused by temperature or pressure differences is wind. This is due to the rotation of the Earth beneath the moving air, which causes an apparent deflection of the wind to the right in the northern hemisphere, and left in the southern hemisphere. …

What are two ways air can move?

Air can move things – think of leaves or sand blowing on a windy day. It can speed things up or slow things down (think of cycling a bike with the wind behind you or against you). In olden days large ships had sails and relied on moving air (i.e. wind) to drive them.