What Is The Opposite Of Pushy?

Whats the opposite of pushy?

Antonyms for pushy quiet, modest, unassuming, shy..

How do you get what you want without being pushy?

6 Ways to Persuade Without Being PushyShow them what they want and need. Often, talking through a point gets lost. … Share positives and negatives. Sharing an opposing viewpoint or two is more persuasive than sticking solely to your argument. … Be inquisitive. … Find a good reason. … Take yourself out of the equation. … Be helpful.

What is a nice way to say bossy?

What is another word for bossy?authoritariandomineeringdisdainfulrepressiveuppishhifalutinbumptioussnobbishtoploftyhuffish233 more rows

How do you deal with a pushy person?

12 Steps To Dealing With Pushy PeopleRecognize the signs. … Take a step back and breathe. … Realize that sometimes, it is their job. … Ask yourself if you’re being dramatic. … Try to remain calm. … Be honest. … Keep your door as open or closed as you would like. … Take everything they say with a grain of salt.More items…•

Whats the opposite of desperate?

desperate. Antonyms: cool, calm, cautious, timid, shy, irresolute, remediable, hopeful, promising, propitious.

What is the original equivalent of desperate?

Word Origin for desperate C15: from Latin dēspērāre to have no hope; see despair. WORD OF THE DAY.

Is it okay to be pushy?

You can’t push your opinions down someone’s throat, that’s the old way. The most important aspect of being pushy is to build trust by being candid and sharing original thoughts. You can do better when you push forward by including others, rather than being determined to get your point of view on top.

What is a disagreeable person?

Noun. 1. disagreeable person – a person who is not pleasant or agreeable. unpleasant person. unwelcome person, persona non grata – a person who for some reason is not wanted or welcome.

How do you spell iridescent?

noun. iridescent quality; a play of lustrous, changing colors.

What does pushy mean in a relationship?

Being pushy can mean that you say something like this to your partner: “I notice that neither you nor I seem to be willing to talk about ______. I would like to have some conversations about this and I am willing to be honest with you about how I feel, and to really listen to how you feel and to what you want.”

What’s another word for being pushy?

Synonyms & Antonyms of pushyaggressive,ambitious,assertive,enterprising,fierce,go-getting,high-pressure,in-your-face,More items…

What does pushy mean?

adjective. If you describe someone as pushy, you mean that they try in a forceful way to get things done as they would like or to increase their status or influence. [informal, disapproval] She was a confident and pushy young woman. Synonyms: forceful, aggressive, assertive, brash More Synonyms of pushy.

What word could replace desperate?

Some common synonyms of desperate are despairing, despondent, and hopeless.

How do you know if you’re being too pushy?

9 Signs That You’re A Way Too Pushy FriendYour friends are too scared to tell you they messed up. … You get super angry when they don’t take your advice… … 3. … … Your friends complain you’re too blunt. … You bring up past arguments to make your point. … You tell other friends about their situation. … You secretly feel superior to them. … You find yourself being pessimistic.More items…•

What is the meaning of harmonious?

1 : having agreement among musical components : musically concordant harmonious voices. 2 : having the parts agreeably related : congruous blended into a harmonious whole harmonious medley of small vaulted chambers— Norman Douglas.

What is the opposite of disagreeable?

disagreeable. Antonyms: agreeable, amiable, attractive, benignant, engaging, gentle, good-natured, harming, kind, lovable, lovely, loving, pleasant, pleasing, sweet, winning, winsome.

Is pushy positive or negative?

“Pushy” certainly carries a negative connotation, indicating someone who is both annoying and using too much force. “Determined” carries a much more positive meaning.

What does desperately mean?

1 : in a way that involves despair, extreme measures, or rashness : in a desperate manner struggling desperately desperately crying out.